Benefits Of Counseling

Personal counseling will help you figure out how to fulfill your own wishes, help you know what to do next, and find solutions to cope with common problems in life.

When should individual consultation be chosen?

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When group counseling is not an option. For some people with a shy nature or lack of confidence in themselves, participating in group therapy sessions will make them feel uncomfortable. Individual consultation will then be an appropriate solution.

Personal counseling makes it possible to talk about confidential and sensitive matters, because it delves into private matters, requiring absolute trust.

Practical benefits of personal consultation

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In addition to protecting your privacy, personal counseling will help you come up with the best solutions to your problems, through sessions just for yourself.

With one-on-one consultation, therapy sessions will be flexibly arranged, depending on the desired length of time. The space for therapy can be in a place that is familiar to you (such as your home or apartment) or in the therapist’s office who conducts personal consultation, with the aim of ensuring comfort. and to maximize your relaxation throughout the consultation process.

Individual consultation process

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Individual consultation will begin on a predetermined schedule beginning with a minimum of 1 hour and 30 minutes first meeting for the purpose of:

  • Identify and clarify your needs and wants;
  • Concretize the goals you want to achieve through an individual consultation process.
  • Conduct your first session comfortably so that you can get used to the treatment.

After your first meeting, we will provide you with an overview. This program will be adjusted slowly, depending on your results and feelings during each session. For the best results in your therapy, review your progress, the results after each session, and the adjustments you want to make to your goals.

When to need personal consultation?

The most requested treatments involve the following issues:

Stress management

doctor consultating depressed woman

Stress comes in many forms and can occur at different times in your life or work. For example, when you want to apply for an important position or return to work after a long time or are having trouble at work or with your partner, stress therapy is what you do. are in need now.

No substitute for medication, personal consultation offers techniques and advice to support and help you anticipate difficult times and figure out how to overcome them.

Support for athletes

athlete patient having consultation with doctor

Many sports such as tennis, golf… are at a high level, requiring good mental preparation to maintain concentration, motivation and confidence in playing.

Many professional athletes use personal consultation because it is highly effective in helping them to be more confident, more focused, and anticipate difficulties they face …

Prepare for tests or exams

Just like relieving stress, personal counseling helps you implement relaxation techniques that promote study, practice, and confidence in yourself.


For mild sleep disturbances that do not require medical treatment, counseling helps you implement simple techniques to regain effective sleep and get better sleep by making it easier for you to fall asleep. and controlling nocturnal wakefulness.

Confidence and motivation

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In life, we sometimes face events and challenges. Learn to accept reality after big upheavals, regain confidence in yourself and your abilities, or simply stick to a strict diet … personal consultation doesn’t yield miraculous results but can accompany you in difficult times.

Control the pain

Along with treatment and medical monitoring, receiving consultation from therapist helps you find a comfortable space, which helps you to rest and avoid some pain.

Pregnancy and postpartum psychosis syndrome

doctor consulting pregnant woman

The 9 months of preparing your baby for the birth of your baby will have a lot of fluctuations both physically and emotionally. Participating in personal therapy helps to prepare you for the best mentality.

After returning home from the hospital, psychotherapy continues to accompany you and help you overcome the stress of caring for your baby during the first few months. It allows you to find balance within yourself, in your relationships, and helps you to improve yourself.