For Schools

Our service for schools

Psychologist-Danang provides a service for schools to help children with emotional, social, behavior and academic issues like learning disabilities. The goal is to collaborate with parents, teachers, and students to promote a healthy learning environment that focuses on the needs of children.

To give children the best care and support, testing is crucial to gain detailed information about the strength and weaknesses of a child. After testing a report will be available with test scores and advice. Below a list with the most valuable tests for children that are available at Psychologist-Danang.


We have several IQ tests available (verbal and non-verbal) like the WISC, SON-R, WAIS, WPSSI and De Raven. Depending on age and language skills we choose which test is most suitable. IQ tests are excellent predictors of academic achievement and provide an outline of a person’s mental strengths and weaknesses. The results of an IQ test also provides information about giftedness, intellectual disabilities, ADHD, and dyscalculia. Many times the scores have revealed talents in many people, which have led to an improvement in their educational opportunities.

Adaptive behavior*

To measure adaptive behavior we have the ABAS and the Vineland available. Both tests measure the personal- and social skills of individuals from birth through adulthood. The 4 domains of these tests are communication, daily living skills, socialization, and motoric skills. Adaptive behavior refers to the age-appropriate behaviors that people with and without learning/ behavioral disabilities need to live independently and to function well in daily life.

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is the term used for a specific learning disability affecting numbers and maths. To determine a child has dyscalculia we use the Dyscalculia-screener and the Tedi-Math test. For dyslexia, we use the PPVT (Peabody picture vocabulary test) and the Dyslexia Screening Assessment. These tests are only available in English.

ADHD, OCD, CD, and Autism*

For ADHD, OCD, CD, and Autism we have a variety of tests available. The test results only give a global indication about the disorders. The most important indication for these disorders are structural interviews with parents and teachers and doing observations.

Depression, Social problems, Sleeping issues, Fair of failure and Somatic symptom disorder*

To identify problems like depression, sleeping issues, etc. we use the CBCL (Child Behavior Checklist), SL-90 (Symptom Checklist), 4DSQ (Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire) and the BDI (Beck’s Depression Inventory).

After every test, a report with the results and advice is available.

*We are aiming to set up a treatment for any disorder. Please note that we just started and that we are searching for the best psychologists and methods. Unfortunately, it is possible that we cannot offer a treatment yet. Our apologies.