Values & Qualifications

To support and advise each individual client with the best possible care, our therapist will lay out a treatment plan based on the most up-to-date clinical tests along with the latest available literature. Honestyempathyintegrity, and discretion are the four key values. We always aim to strive for the highest standards within our platform.

At Psychologist Vietnam all therapists are experienced, qualified, and required to provide a background check. Most therapists offer a free consultation session, which provides new clients with the opportunity to meet their therapists and find out if they feel comfortable with him/her, before deciding if they want to start treatment. Clients are always free to end the therapy after each session if they please, or to express their preference for another therapist. Below, an overview of  the qualifications and titles at Psychologist Vietnam.


Therapist  Minimum Requirements
Coach/ Counselor Bachelor in Psychology or in a similar field
HR-Coach Bachelors/ Masters
Psychologist Masters, Doctorate or PhD
Child-Psychologist Masters, Doctorate or PhD 
Doctor Medical Degree (at least 5 year course)
Psychiatrist Medical Degree + Residency training in Psychiatry