For Children

Our service for children.

Psychologist-Danang provides a range of services to meet the varied needs of children. Every child is unique with different factors contributing to his/her difficulties, emotions and behaviors. At Psychologist-Danang we see them not as a number, but as individuals with their own potentials. Our focus is to extend these potentials by providing help, care, and advice.

What problems can Psychologist-Danang help with?

Many children and adolescents are troubled by emotional, behavioral and psychiatric problems and these cause worry and distress to those who care for them, their families and teachers. The main part of our job is to identify the problem, understand the causes and giving advice about what may help. At Psychologist-Danang we differentiate 3 groups.

– The first group refers to learning disabilities like dyscalculia, dyslexia and intellectual disability like giftedness and mental retardation.

– The second group refers to behavior problems like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), CD (conduct disorder), autism, etc.

– The last group refers to emotional problems like fear of failure, depression, anorexia nervosa, anxiety or other emotional problems. We also provide care for children to cope with stresses like their parent’s divorce, death, and family or school transitions.

For more information about learning disabilities, behavior problems and school issues, please click over here.