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Ask for advice Boring and tired

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Recently, my studies have not been favorable even though I have tried harder than before, but everything is messed up. Poor academic results make me tired and depressed. At times like that, I find I don't want to do anything in my head and can't get out of the thought that I'm too incompetent and useless. I used to have similar results in the past, but I'm not that sad, it doesn't affect me much the next day. But now, when everything comes to me too quickly, I feel that every step I take is full of obstacles, nothing can be done smoothly, which makes me very sad. At such times, I can't talk or share with anyone, telling my mother will make her worry, and friends don't want to talk because they don't trust enough and partly afraid they will laugh at me. I feel lonely and exhausted. end of depression. The reason is not so much because of the grades but because maybe I feel alone, I can't find anything to lean on to trust me, I can't say I can't share it with anyone but just want to keep it. in heart. I still go out and laugh with my friends, but actually I'm not happy, I don't want to go out much, I don't want to go out even though I know that going out is good for me right now. When going out, I seem to try my best to be happy with my friends, but I'm too tired and fake. Especially recently, I find my mood is strangely erratic, with many negative thoughts in my head. I cry. I don't know why I'm crying but I can't help but cry. I can't control myself and sometimes I don't even know what I think or want.

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