For Families

Our service for families

A definition of family therapy as “a type of psychological counseling done to help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts.” Our psychologist will listen to all of the members in a group context or individual. We determine what causes the conflict, frustration or stress in the family. In addition, we train the whole family on how to restore interaction, resolve the conflict and how to interact in a way that is beneficial to all.

What problems can Psychologist-Danang help with?

The focus during family therapy may be focused around one individual or on issues concerning family dynamics and relationships. Examples include problem behaviors of children, disagreement between parents about raising children, substance abuse, alcohol or drug abuse, disagreement about money or mental health issues. In essence, the family psychologist is involved where the issues of an individual are causing harm to their family unit.


Many people assume they have to be in a full-blown crisis before they should seek counseling, but this is simply not true. All families can benefit from family therapy. This is because, in the therapy, everyone gets a chance to be heard, and any problem, whether big or small, can be solved.

Family therapy can lead to

– A better understanding of healthy boundaries, family patterns, and dynamics

– Enhanced communication

– Improved problem solving

– Deeper empathy

– Reduced conflicts and better anger management skills